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Interior Refits

Striving perfection in all our services, interior refurbishments and retrofit projects are very often started with 3D scanning of the respective areas and with the assistance of SRC's designers we visualize it for previewing in situ with 3D goggles. Our reference list consists of complete outfitting of restaurants, theaters, casinos, cabins etc on all kind of floating fleet as well on the offshore structures.


3D & 2D interior design

The most common way of proceeding with the refits is to understand the wishes and needs of our Client following the design works. Either way, if the design comes from our Client or by us, the working drawing have to be done and our designers simplify the whole process significantly.


3D & 2D furniture

The database of different furniture of our ship constructor program allows us to “insert” new furniture to the area of refit and visualize it before moving forward.


3D scanning

Most of our projects start with 3D scanning that gives us the most accurate data for further design and planning. Furthermore, this detailed measuring minimizes the possibility of miscalculations of furniture, equipment and other related items.


Space planning

Combining the data from 3D scanning to 3D or 2D furniture + design allows us to calculate and use the area of question in a most useful and logical way for meeting the needs of our Client on a highest standard.


3D visualisation

With the help of Microsoft Hololens we are able to visualize the new possible design concept to our Client for getting perfect overview of how the area will look like after refit. It also helps to review and inspect the area for any possible errors.