Marine · Offshore · Industry


We are offering a wide range of products and services including turn-key projects, tank site erection, piping (carbon & stainless steel, GRE), steel- and mechanical work. We are specialized for:

  • Design / Engineering / Procurement

  • Project Management and execution

  • New building – on site erection or prefabricated

  • Retrofit / Repair

  • Installation work

We have a flexible organization and can take on small or big projects, have full focus on HSE work and can adapt to any system the clients have inside their factory battery limits.



SRC Nordic has performed several turn-key piping projects in all different materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, Plastic (PE)) and can perform design, prefabrication, installation & site welding and insulation of piping systems including valves, instruments and equipment (pumps, heat exchangers etc.)



SRC Nordic has performed several installations and alignments of big equipment, such as heat-exchangers (plate- and shell & tube types), pumps, evaporation towers, fans (1,2 MW), large diameter vapour channels and agitators at industrial plants in Norway.



SRC Nordic has the capacity and knowledge to help customers with regular or un-scheduled maintenance work or change-out / retrofit of existing mechanical equipment and piping systems at site. In addition, we can perform any repair work on steel tanks, piping systems or structural steel items.