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Fairlead (Offshore)

SRC has launched its first-ever product called - Remote Controlled Fairlead Locking System.

The locking system is designed to withstand all possible ambient conditions in the offshore industry and to make the locking process faster and safer. The device helps operators and rig owners to reduce operational costs and greenhouse gases.



Increased safety

Achieved by replacing the conventional way of manual locking process with the remote-controlled locking system, which is more safe and controlled, minimizing risk and damages caused by the slamming in both submerged and floating conditions.


Cost saving

The expenses for the manual locking can be quite significant when it comes to the Rig off-hire period. This also includes shifting of modes from DP to Mooring, with the ballasting to transit draft, involvement of external services like reduced usage of support vessels, helicopters, and of course time and arrangements needed for the manual locking process.


Reducing of emissions

The remote-controlled locking system is a step towards carbon neutrality and will support our customers in managing and achieving their sustainability targets. With the simplified shifting process, less energy will be consumed, and the carbon footprint for this specific process will be reduced.