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SRC has built up an extensive track record ranging from small repairs to major conversions. SRC currently sees an increased demand for a couple specific services hence we have put together a series of presentations to provide an impression of our capabilities and to demonstrate some projects that we have done for our clients. Please find the presentations below.



SRC has extensive experience in providing solutions for the integration of emissions purification systems onboard of vessels. The solutions we offer range from design packages to turnkey EPCI projects. SRC uses inhouse 3D scanning services at design stage, allowing us to identify potential design clashes prior to the actual installation process. This enables us to design and prefabricate a fit for purpose scrubber system that can be smoothly installed onboard without surprises, which minimizes downtime for our clients.

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Globally a rising demand for renewable energy sources can be recognized. Offshore Wind is a key contributor for climate changes however, the offshore environment always brings challenges to our client’s operations. SRC provides innovative tailored solutions to its clients in the offshore wind market to help them to overcome these challenges. Examples about the support that SRC has provided ranges from design and engineering services for sea fastening to a turn-key EPCI propeller blade maintenance workshop project.

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With an extensive track record, The SRC Group has become an expert with regards to the integration of BWTS. We offer our customers design and installation services for BWTS to ensure that their vessels comply with the international rules and regulations regarding ballast water management. Our services include the complete design of piping & electrical systems, workshop documentation and installation & commissioning. As with every technically challenging project, our inhouse 3D scanning service and pre-fabrication philosophy will be brought to the benefit of your project to allow for a smooth integration process onboard.

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