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Victoria I Interiors


SRC was commissioned to refurbish several restaurants and bars in the MV Victoria for Tallink Grupp AS.

The most common way of proceeding with the refits is to understand the wishes and needs of our Client following the design works. Either way, if the design comes from our Client or by us, the working drawing have to be done and our designers simplify the whole process significantly.

Tallink Grupp AS
Victoria I
Tallink Grupp AS
Place Performed
Tallinn, Estonia

Perfume Shop

We have finished an extensive upgrade of Perfume Shop on Victoria I. it is a new concept design of Tax Free areas that most probably will be used on other vessels as well. We had a turn-key project with delivery of design, all surface materials for floor, walls and ceiling; design and prefabrication of furniture. Total area covered was 600 m2 and completed in 17 days.

Refurbishment of pub "Sea Pub" 300 m2

The area of refit was 300m2. The walls were refreshed by installing new wallpapers and pictures. Painted the roof. The bar counter was also refreshed with new colours and new images. New furniture was delivered and installed.

Duration of the project 14 days, Naantali.

Refurbishment of cafeteria "Coffe & Co" 100 m2

The area of refit was 95m2. The cafe got completely new furnishings and equipment. A new carpet and ceiling was installed.

Face lift of "Grand Buffet", 30 m2

The service area was refreshed, which got completely new equipment and furniture.

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