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Silja Europa - retrofit

SRC Group AS signed a contract with Bridgemans Services Ltd (Canada) as a main contractor for retrofitting of one of the world's biggest RO/PAX ferry Silja Europa to offshore accommodation vessel. Start of the retrofit was 7th of August and duration of the project alongside and dry-docking including all the deliveries within 37 days. Minor works are carried out during her voyage to Australia. There was daily engaged around 700 persons with different tasks of the project.

Some key facts:

  • Retrofit of RoPax ferry MV Silja Europa to an offshore accommodation vessel that during 1993-2001 was the biggest in the world and up to 2004 biggest ferry operating Baltic Sea region.

  • Total area covered – 55 000 m2

  • Cabins initially built for 3000 persons were converted to a single person cabins for accommodating up to 1450 workers.

  • Majority of the cabins with new carpets and interior

  • 1350 freezers and TV sets.

  • New gym was built to the aft of the vessel that allows workout for 200 persons simultaneously.

  • Installed 3,5 kilometres of “black out” curtains – vessel looks like “dead ship” during dark times, only navigational and safety lights are allowed at a minimum extent.

  • The length of the retrofit in Tallinn including dry-docking in Finland took 37 days

  • The preparation of the project took 23 days from signing the contract

  • Modifications were commenced in two shifts, 24/7

  • Peak times, night and day, there was engaged 850 workers summarizing overall 220 000 working hours

  • Installed 42 km different type of cables of which 20 km wifi/CAT cables.

  • New switchboard room was built with 2x400 kVA transformers and 2000A main switchboard

  • The highest quarantine requirements were followed during conversion

  • Not a single piece of material/equipment was allowed to be taken onboard prior thorough quarantine controls.

  • Vessel was fumigated in- and outside

  • The whole vessel interior was cleaned and washed about 85 000 m2

  • The illuminators of all public spaces were covered with sun reflecting film

  • The entire car deck was converted for ship’s serving functions.

  • In addition to professional laundry room, there was built “laundry room” with 150 washing machines and 150 tumble driers.

  • Due to the working location of the vessel, additional chiller unit was installed – 3000 kW, weighing 14 t

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