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5th October 2021

In December this year SRC Netherlands BV will be relocating its office to the Port of Rotterdam. The new office will be located at the corner of the entrance of the Waalhaven adjacent to Broekman logistic’s facility. In 2017 SRC Netherlands BV, part of the SRC Group AS, was established in Dordrecht from where the company mainly focused on sales and business development activities.

The SRC Group is specialized in ship repair and conversion services and its business model has always been to support its clients, worldwide, by mobilizing their skilled personnel to the Client’s onsite location. SRC’s relocation to the Waalhaven is in line with the company’s growth ambitions and a response to requests from clients to have yard facilities in the Port of Rotterdam to support them with specific ship repairs, major conversions and/or complex project mobilizations.

With the relocation to this new office, the SRC Group will have direct access to a large quayside which is located adjacent to the new office facility with a berthing capacity of 45m width and 10.5m draught. Lifting services along the quayside are provided by four cranes with lifting capacity up to 100 ton. Additionally, storage facilities and covered fabrication areas are provided. Complementary logistic services can be provided by SRC’s onsite partner Broekman Logistics.

Main office                                                                   500m²
    Covered warehouse/fabrication area (conditioned):
Hall 1            lifting cap: 2 x   75T overhead cranes      23,000 m²
Hall 2            lifting cap: 2 x   75T overhead cranes      3,000 m²
Hall 3            lifting cap: 2 x 140T overhead cranes      4,200 m²
Hall 4  lifting cap: 1 x overhead crane 2 x 350T block   6,400 m²
Covered warehouse (conditioned)                              3,400 m²
Open storage area                                                      40,000 m²

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For further questions please feel free to contact Arthur de Boer (+31651759267) or Peter Cortie (+31630169336) at SRC Netherlands B.V.

SRC is one of the three final contenders in the Entrepreneurship Award 2021
30th September 2021

SRC has been nominated as one of the three final contenders in the Entrepreneurship Award 2021, which is the highest state recognition entrepreneurs can receive in Estonia.

Our CEO, Hannes Lilp, commented: “Our export growth is usually over 80% every year. In 2021, this number even reached 95%, with the largest markets being the United States and Western Europe.”
Our sales revenue in 2020 has grown 348% compared to 2018, reaching a total of 20,3 million euros.

SRC is proud of all the work that our international sales and project management teams have done to reach these goals and continues to develop both the IT and engineering competences which power this growth.

The winner of the “Export of the Year 2021” award will be revealed on national television during the “Estonia’s Best Companies 2021” gala on the 7th of October.
Read more about the Entrepreneurship Award 2021 on the Enterprise Estonia website:
Hybridization and Solutions for GHG greenhouse Gas Emission reductions
9th July 2021

Emissions from international shipping could grow between 50% and 250% by 2050, with predictions that 15% of total CO2 emissions will be attributable to maritime.  The International Maritime Organization has committed to reduce total GHG emissions of shipping by at least 50% by 2050. In addition, EU regulations stipulate a reduction of at least 40% by 2030. With goals only getting stricter, now is the time to do the work to reduce GHG emissions of your fleet. 

The IMO outlined a number of points for reducing GHG emissions in shipping in their 2018 Strategy that could affect your business:

•       Reduction of GHG by a minimum 40% by 2030

•       70% reduction of GHG by 2050.

•         Short-term measures are to be finalized and agreed between 2018 and 2023

•         Possible mid-term measures could be finalized and agreed upon in 2023 and 2030.

•         Possible long-term measures could be finalized and agreed beyond 2030.

•         Stipulation of improved EEDI Energy Efficiency Design Index, formulated as a requirement for new ships

•         Stipulation of EEMP Ship energy efficiency management plan for existing vessels

In addition to IMO measures, EU MRV REGULATION & EU ETS should be taken into account:

•         Sept 9 2020 European amendment 1-17 referring to IMO Initial Strategy 2018 in Union law. Companies shall linearly reduce the annual CO2 emissions per transport work by at least 40% by 2030 . Companies who fail to comply with the annual reduction are subject to a financial penalty proportionate to EU ETS.

•         EU MRV  ‘Monitoring Reporting and Verification of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Maritime Transport’

•         EU ETS economic trends, fuel prices, policy and regulations

SRC provides tailored solutions for GHG reduction requirements that cover the entire project, with a complete package from study, development, design, installation, commissioning, and supporting the system integration. 

  • Feasibility study with analysis for available solution to achieve the IMO upcoming requirement.
  • Guidance/support to apply and obtain available incentives, tax reductions and estimate short ROI.
  • Expertise in designing and developing customized tailored solutions for all types of vessels and satisfying customer needs and requests (Technical/Esthetical).
  • To achieve the best efficiency, the SRC team of experts can combine and integrate different systems and technologies from numerous manufacturers and suppliers in a single turnkey project/solution. 
  • Most common solutions: Batteries systems/Shore Connections/VFDs/Energy recovery-ultracapacitors/wind turbines.

A complete solution starts off with a feasibility study analysis to determine the best available solution to achieve compliance with the upcoming IMO requirements. This also includes guidance and support in obtaining various incentives, tax reductions and as short of a ROI as possible. 

Subsequent to the initial analysis, SRC will make use of its expertise in designing and developing customized tailored solutions for all types of vessels and accommodating the specific needs of customers, whether they be technical or aesthetical requests. The SRC team of experts can combine and integrate different systems and technologies from numerous manufacturers into a single turnkey project or solution. 

Most common solutions include: battery systems, shore electricity connections, VFDs, energy-recovery ultracapacitors and wind turbines - all in the name of reducing emissions. 
 For example installing ESS electrical storage systems yields three main advantages - firstly a spinning reserve needs less generators to be online. Secondly, peak shaving allows to balance and buffer engine load. Thirdly, optimizing the load points of generators allows for improved efficiency, fuel-saving and reduced maintenance. All in all, it can be a serious step towards zero-emissions operations. 

Contact us to start sailing your fleet towards a zero-carbon future!